lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Top Ten Tips for Motivating Your Team

In difficult economic times like these companies need to be as productive as possible and a motivated workforce is a productive one!

We’ve all heard about Maslow and Herzberg’s theories on motivation, but when it actually comes down to it what are the really effective ways of motivating your staff? (don’t worry, we aren’t going to recommend dressing up like Mr. Motivator!)

Here are some simple and effective tips to keep your staff motivated…

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1.    Get to know your staff.
Understanding what interests or concerns your staff have really makes them feel part of the organisation and that their contribution is valued.  If you show a real interest in your staff they are likely to return the interest in their work and be more motivated towards the company.

2.    Praise your people
Praising your staff for good work will encourage them to do more of the same.  Whether they are putting in extra hours, have come up with a great idea or helping a colleague, make sure their effort is recognised and they are thanked.

3.    Enhance your people’s creativity
If your staff feel they aren’t able to express themselves creatively and offer ideas for the business they will feel they have no impact on the business and therefore will feel de-motivated.  Encourage them to offer ideas and listen to what they say – you never know they may even come up with the next big thing for your business!!

4.    Empower your people
A manager’s role is to get the job done via the people you manage and a team that feels empowered will be more effective.  Involving them in the decision making process, and (where appropriate) asking their feedback on key company information will offer them this empowerment.

5.    Be consistent with your management and leadership style
Every moment you are with your team has an effect on them so you need to take a consistent approach with your management style.  If, one day you are motivating and empowering but moody and secretive the next you will lose the trust of your team.

6.    Be motivated yourself
Lead by example.  If you are positive and motivated it is likely that this will rub off on your team.  In order to do this you must understand what motivates you and take steps to ensure that your motivational needs are met.

7.    Reward your staff
It doesn’t have to be massive bonuses or large Christmas parties, small rewards for your staff when they have demonstrated excellent customer service or met their targets can be incredibly motivating (a nice bottle of wine or box of chocolates always goes down well!).

8.    Have a social get-together
A team that gets on well will be motivated and productive, more often than not people will build friendships when they are allowed to let their hair down, away from the work environment.  A social get-together will help your team get to know each other better and boost morale.

9.    Celebrate your successes
Celebrating your company’s successes is a great way to motivate staff.  If they can see that the work they are doing is contributing to this success they are more likely to want to repeat or increase the success.

10.    Put your people first
A company’s staff is their greatest asset.  Making them feel valued and appreciated should always be a high priority as people perform at their best when they are committed.

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