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Executive Secretary has been in existence for 16 years in various guises in the UK but we have decided to take the best bits of the old product: the training, mentoring and nurturing articles that we know our readers have come to expect over the years and give them a shakeup. Not just a mere makeover, future editions of this magazine will also include an abundance of highly focused business insight including marketing, finance and productivity articles as well as information on technology, software, opinion and best practice advice from our readers. Combined with a fresh and innovative design and our promise that the magazine will never carry advertising, we are aiming to work with the administrative professionals to produce a product that is different from anything else in the market.

No stone will go unturned in our quest to add real value to your administrator’s role and to bring together a global network of senior and aspiring administrative professionals to discuss and share best practice.

This in turn will reap rewards for your business, providing your assistants with a vital training resource that will not only expand their knowledge and skills immeasurably but will also make them part of a network of senior and aspiring administrators from all over the world.

Our website is up and running at www.executivesecretary.com. You are able to download a free copy from here to have a look at. We also have a LinkedIn group where your administrator can get involved with the 1200 other admins from all over the world that are already there.

The cost of an annual subscription is €145. There are discounts available for members of professional organisations and through some training companies. For SEiEM members the discount will be 30%, so if the normal rate is 145 €, you will pay 101,50 €.

Per ser sòcia de SEiEM tens un 30 % de descompte en la subscripció i si ho fas abans del 25 de maig, rebràs també l’excel·lent llibre de la Sue France: The Definitive Personal Assistant and Secretarial Handbook: A Best Practice Guide for All Secretaries, Pas, Office Managers and Executive Assistants.
Per a més detalls pots anar a la web www.executivesecretary.com o contactar amb lbrazier@executivesecretary.com.

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