jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

A healthy office is a happy one

The office environment breeds apathy for most people from time to time. In fact, an astonishing 84% of UK employees say they feel listless and lethargic at work during the winter. While driving yourself to meet agreed goals is motivation enough for some, there are two other major factors that contribute to your output: health and creativity. Here are a few tips to make some changes and get yourself and your co-workers excited about work.

Diversify work space Consider adding some new touches to break rooms by installing a flatscreen TV, a cool coffee machine, or buying games and other activities to spice up your time away from the desk. Even redecorating the office with plants and loads of natural light can help.

Put people together Cubicles and individual offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Putting two employees at a shared desk encourages brainstorming and motivating them to share ideas can emphasise how important creativity is to the company.

Get moving Instead of going to the pub for drinks after work, head to the gym as a group. You'll be more likely to take the time to go so you can bond with other team members and you'll burn calories rather than piling on the pounds at a restaurant.

Go for lighter options Ask for fresh fruit and vegetables to be provided as snacks in the break room instead of junk food. They produce more energy and take less of it to digest, which prevents employees from slowing down towards the end of the day.

Read the original article by Duffy Elleby, owner of Ergosource, which designs and manufactures ergonomic furniture, at tinyurl.com/nuglt4h

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