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The assistants behind Hollywood's elite

The assistants behind Hollywood's eliteHollywood stars often come across as ultra-organised and efficient, effortlessly gliding through life in an elegant, calm fashion. What you don't usually get to see is the effort that their assistants put in to get them there. George Clooney has been linked to a series of glamorous women over the years, but the one who has stayed constant in his life is assistant Angel, who reportedly lives in a detached home on his LA property.

Gorgeous George met her when she assisted him and fellow cast member Noah Wyle from hit TV show ER back in the 1990s.

Geetanjali ‘Gilly’ Iyer is the ex-tour manager for rapper Snoop Dogg's record label who now looks after award-winning crooner Mariah Carey. Clearly Gilly has a thing for high-maintenance diva-types, as she was previously the personal assistant to Latin sensation Jennifer Lopez.

One way to get a job with the stars is to ingratiate yourself by being their unpaid confidante first – it's a strategy that worked for Justine Ciarrocchi, who went from being Jennifer Lawrence's best friend to her PA. Justine has proved to be an invaluable companion, appearing in the likes of über-glossy magazine Vogue with the American Hustle star.

Even in Hollywood, where money often seems like it's no object, the thorny subject of cash can cause problems, as is the case with Matt Harrell, Lindsay Lohan's former assistant. After starring alongside La Lohan in her eponymous reality TV show, Matt has now quit in a row over payment, with the starlet apparently saying she is no longer able to afford his services.

And finally, working your way up the corporate ladder can reap rewards, as Sarah Knight found out. Starting off as an intern at E! News on the entertainment channel, she ended up as an assistant to one of the network's biggest stars, the programme's co-anchor Giuliana Rancic. She helps the presenter during photo shoots and frequently attends red carpet events with her boss.

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