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Managing Email Better

Managing Email BetterEverybody wants to be efficient and ‘get things done’. We have been previously told that setting your agenda via the pending emails sitting in your inbox is likely to be a poor way to manage your time. So, what do the experts think is the best way handle and manage your time when it comes to email? LinkedIn asked the question, and many responded:
“No matter how you sugarcoat it, checking email first thing just isn’t going to help you be more productive,” said Claire Diaz-Ortiz who works at Twitter. “And that’s because it violates the two most important truths of email.”
Her position on the subject is that
1.    Email is best done in bulk.

2.    Email is best done when you have less energy, not more. 

“Firstly, email is best done in bulk,” she says “for the same reason that mono-tasking and batching your work are key ways to ensure you’re being as productive as possible. Switching between tasks can effectively help you lose up to 40% of your productivity. Avoid this by doing one thing at once — like email.”
In terms of handling email when you are more tired and little jaded, she notes:
“The reason email is best done when you have less energy, not more relates to why real productivity is about managing your energy, not your time. Times of peak energy should be used for the most difficult things on your plate, and those that require intense focus. The vast majority of the time, that is not email.”

Claire goes on to reveal how she breaks her emails in various categories, and manages each depending on the rules she has set for each category.
For more from Claire, read her free ebook on developing a morning routine, check out her blog, follow her on LinkedIn, or find her on the Twitters via @claire.

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